Frequently Asked Questions


Why hire Peter Studebaker?

Peter has been a professional entertainer since 1981, has thousands of hours of stage time to his credit, and has performed before every type of audience imaginable, in theaters, convention centers, country clubs, comedy clubs, night clubs, and on network television.

When you hire Peter, you’re hiring someone who knows how to make an event successful. He uses his talents as a sleight-of-hand master, a comic, and a communicator, to make your guests feel good and you look good.

How long is a performance?

At a trade show, Peter does two-to-three fifteen minute shows, every hour, throughout the day. At a banquet, he entertains for thirty to forty-five minutes. At a large “ultimate ice breaker” party performance, he works the crowd on-and-off for several hours.

Peter can also customize his shows’ running times.

How much does a performance cost?

Peter charges based upon the particular event; variables include travel, customization, scripting, rehearsal, and show times.

His fee is reasonable, but it’s not cheap. Call and he’ll discuss your event goals and his pricing structure.

Are there space requirements?

Peter is adept at entertaining audiences of any size, in any location. Tell him how much space you have, and he’ll make it work.

Are their technical requirements?

Peter doesn’t use trapdoors, hydraulic lifts, or fog machines. The only technical requirements he has are a microphone, sound system, and lights for stage shows. If your event is more intimate, he can entertain without special provisions.

Does Peter travel?

If your event is important, he’ll be there. Clients have hired him to entertain at trade shows and parties throughout North America, as well as in Brazil, China, England, France, Switzerland, and other overseas locales.

How far in advance should I schedule a performance?

Most people book Peter 90 days to a year in advance. However, it’s worth calling no matter how close your event. If Peter isn’t available, he may be able to suggest another quality entertainer in his stead.